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Amiforce Forum - Step Five final freeware version
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Dabei seit: Oktober 2006
Herkunft: france
Beiträge: 273
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After some attempts for cleaning the code Eric M. aka Byron and his friends of NightLight Team have made online the last freeware version of Stepfive, A tetris-like AGA and PAL, now freeware.

The previous version, dated 1996, has got a big bug when the player came to level 8.

This last version had :

- Some old bugs corrected.
- Less difficulties.
- Improvement of the code (ASM).

With the links, you can see some old productions during 90's years made with Nightlight Team (sorry for the French site only) :

- Screenshots and demos made on Amiga 500. See the Sonic the Hedgehog demo for amiga !!!.

- 2 Demos made on powermac 4400/200

- Stepfive Game, on the part "amiga1200"

The authors are curious to see if some feedback will be made for their old products and wish you a good fun with Step Five.

I'm Mrodfr and on this site is most of the official products I have participated on the amiga during my scool and army period (spier germany 89-90) and first work years.

I have made the gfx for some demos (sonic the hedgehog) and the step five game and participated on others projects.

Now 10 years after, I'm finally proud I have made some things with an amiga. I'm also proud to use each day an amiga and try to help here and on others places amiga programs on development or users who need help with their amiga on forum or ML. It's my story....


- A1200+Mediator+VooDoo3+060/50+96mo+IIYAMA 17"+CD,CDRW,ZIP SCSI-KIT
- SAM667EP with MAPOWER KC3000 Case + AOS4.1

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